Our Past Companions

Pixel at rest
Pixel - our feline friend who travelled from Colorado to New York and back to Colorado, He frequently bounced off the walls of our houses… in sheer enjoyment of life. Frequently velcroed himself to Kathleen. Pixel had a sudden cardiac arrest in May, 2004 at only 10 years of age.
We miss Pixel a lot.

Max - Our regal Irish Setter died peacefully on January 5th, 2010. He had a terminal neuromuscular
wasting disease and was no longer able to walk. Max went with us on many walks through mountains and plains. He helped me find pheasants and quail.
We miss Max, terribly.

Sam and Bandit give each other support

Sam - our Orange/white cat died
peacefully on August 15, 2011. He had developed respiratory distress and an unknown cancer.
Sam spent all of his 15 years keeping us company, while bandit was his constant companion. We miss Sam and Bandit probably misses him most of all. Sam was my companion during much of my teaching at the University of Rochester and was a Well Travelled Cat from Colorado to New York to Colorado to Oklahoma.

Bandit spent most of his time under our bed. He journeyed out rarely, but would confront the dogs as they were put to bed.
Bandit died peacefully in February 2015.

Misha was our gray Russian prince who developed a cancer and multi system failure and died peacefully on December 26th, 2011. Misha graced us with his presence for16 years and helped both through Masters programs as Misha sat and read with us. We miss him immensely. He was a throughly educated and Well Travelled Cat.

Ozzie was our only non-rescue kitten... He was an “ocicat’
Ozzie escaped from a pet store and ‘adopted’ Kathleen, leaping into her arms. He graced us with his constant companionship and computer skills for 17 years. He was able to ‘crash’ multiple operating systems by just walking on the keyboard! He helped Kathleen through three Master’s programs as both a lap cat reading with her and as a computer consultant. We do miss Oz.

Maggie was a mixed breed adoptee that frequently
rested from the busy activity of catnapping next to us.

Brandy was our rough and ready Cocker princess.
She chose to adopt us…in a pet store adoption program
she chased us down and wouldn’t let us NOT take her home…
She travelled with us all over the United States.
She’s in Nantucket in this picture.


Sadie was our younger Cocker princess... all dolled up and ready to go in this picture. Alas, Sadie developed congestive heart failure at age 14. Fairly old in dog years.

We miss Brandy and Sadie..a lot.

Cody's original owners were moving out of town and decided that Cody was going to go... one way or another.  We adopted Cody before they could exercise the 'other option' for getting rid of a puppy.... Cody seemed happy with this alternative.
Cody was added to the family in October 05. He died in 2017. We hope that he was happy for his relatively short life for a cocker.

Callie was a Senegal Parrot.  Quiet, well behaved, and a very pretty parrot. She graced our house for 15 years. She died in 2019.

Sabrina was a friend who lived with us for 18 years.

Sabrina knew that packing is an important part of any trip and was always willing to help pack...

Sabrina and Diablo eye each other.

Diablo added her own commentary to the household.  This parrot did "telephone" very well indeed, to the chagrin of all in the house.  She alsoimitated all of the cats and dogs... to their amazement and ours.  She recognized and calls all of the other animals - including humans - by name.  Diablo is a friend who will come and join in any party.... She was a real ham.

Diablo wants a cracker?

Casey at Airport
Here, Casey has just finished obedience training… he went to Boot Camp and, of course is now nicely behaved. (not really… He’s a wild child, but oh so friendly and loving adds Kathleen).

Casey has been an ‘interesting’ addition to the crew!
He is quite attached to us and has grown enormously since this picture! Jan 2011